Established in Lafayette, Indiana in 1973, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a unified effort to educate and encourage interest in the heritage and architecture in the Wabash Valley area. We subscribe to preservation in the broadest sense, encompassing quality of life issues that affect the environment, urban districts, neighborhoods, and rural areas.


Just as the built environment did not evolve overnight, preservation planning takes long range vision. Not only is the Trust involved in current community issues, we work hard to influence the long range future of preservation in Lafayette, Indiana and the Wabash Valley area. We have programs to educate residents on the importance of preservation. We are building networks here in our community along with state and national leaders as we strive to preserve our quality of life. Members of the Board of Trust will have the opportunity to serve a two or three year term.



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Our logo is a sycamore leaf. Sycamore trees are the largest among Indiana's native trees, sometimes growing to heights of over 100 feet. The sycamore is a symbol of strength and age and is a member of the planet's oldest clan of trees (Platanaceae). You can see the leaf on the plaques we award. 



James C. Werner - President

James is the principle manager for a nationwide mortgage banking firm that specializes in government loan programs and renovation financing.  James holds a BFA from the American Academy of Art in Chicago as well as an MA from Purdue University and has been an adjunct professor of history and appreciation of art and architecture at Ivy Tech and currently as Art Museum of Greater Lafayette Faculty.  James served as a department head for the Tippecanoe County Assessor‘s Office and been a long time contributor to the local arts and culture community as an artist and teacher.

Daniel Walker - Secretary

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Shawna McCully – Vice President

Shawna is the owner/operator of Eclectic Hair Salon located in a building that was originally a horse drawn firehouse in West Lafayette.  Shawna has served on the board since 2010 and served on the Preservation, Programs and Events and Executive committees. A Lafayette native, she is drawn to the local history and architecture especially the restoration of her historic home.

Rene Hariri - Treasurer

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Jim Andrew

Jim has been associated with Wabash Valley Trust for Historic Preservation for four decades and served as President in 1973.  A Graduate of Ball State University with a degree in Urban Planning, Jim is the owner of Henry Poor Lumber & Flooring Express and has over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry.   Jim has served on several committees including the finance and properties and is currently on the Board of Directors of Lafayette Savings Bank.

Lynne McHenry

Lynne has been a resident of Northwestern Heights since 1974. 

She and husband Tom Mchenry have two grown sons and two grand daughters. 
Lynne formerly served as President, Vice President, Secretary, and is currently the social chairman for the Northwestern Heights Association. She
served as a founding member of the Phi Upsilon chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority at Purdue University,
and was subsequently Chapter Advisor and Corporation Board president. She is a member of Women in Communications,and is currently employed part time at Tipp. County Assessors office.

Linda Phillips

Linda serves on the Preservation Committee of the Trust in her first term on the trust board in this decade; Linda served two terms on the Board in the late 80's.  Linda is the Tippecanoe County Assessor.  She has been active in a number of community organizations including the Tippecanoe County Historical Association, Montessori Parents, Friends of Downtown and Trinity United Methodist Church.

Darcy Allen

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Toni Butcher

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Lou Camilotto


Lou is a retired high school social studies teacher.  He taught Geography at McCutcheon High School. He taught a large unit on the History of Tippecanoe County.  Inside this unit was a study of the built environment.  His students learned the many phases of restoration along with all the architectural styles of buildings in Tippecanoe County.  Today, Lou still writes grants for the Wabash Valley Trust.  He continues to emphasize the need for awareness of preservation in our county for both students and adults.  

Kim Davis

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Jacky Ralph

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Shirley West

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Susan Schechter

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Gwyne Bahler

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Eric Grossman

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